It's Simon Carryer dot com!


I do kind of a lot of RPG stuff! I've tried to collect it all in one place, for easier bragging.

On Mighty Thews

I wrote a game called On Mighty Thews. It's a pulp fantasy roleplaying game that's player-driven and fast to play. Here is a pretty good review, and here is another one.

I made a little thing called the Pulpy Primer to help people get the vibe.


Nod is a kind of story-game thing I wrote. I feel like I never quite got the physical layout right, and it's harder to play than it should be, but there are some good ideas in there.

Tonight We Slay a Dragon or Die in the Attempt

TWSADODITA is a one-page story-game kinda thing. You can you can download it for free. I recommend using these rules for building a party.

World of Conan

This is a very small Apocalypse World hack for doing Conan stuff. Download it for free!

One Page Dungeon Selection

I trawled through every year of the One Page Dungeon Contest entries to compile this spreadsheet of what I think are some of the most suitable for wargaming-style D&D.


Homebrewer's Pantry

The Homebrewer's Pantry is a catalogue of rules collected from D&D and D&D-like rpgs from the 70's to today. You can download it here!

D&D Adventures

I have written a few adventures for "old school" D&D.

Dungeon Generator

One Million Dungeons is a dungeon generator for fifth edition D&D. I like to think it's a bit better than other generators at producing sensible dungeons with a bit of story to them. There's also an encounter generator for 5e which I found very useful as a tool when I played that game.


Maybe you'd like to get in touch about something? Email me at, or try @simoncarryer on Twitter if that's your thing.

Non-RPG Stuff

When I must, I do things that aren't related to role playing games. You can find that stuff here.